the-ball-501255_640Beach Volleyball Clinic

The Beach Clinic is for girls ages 12 and up and will primarily focus on the two man game but will also touch on 4 on 4 play.

After the clinic there will be a tournament and lunch open to all ages.  This is a BYOB party.

The fun will be held at Sweetwater Day Use Area.

Cost for park admission is $5 per car load and cost of the clinic is $10.

Clinics will only be held with a minimum of 6 signups.  Tournaments are $15 and includes the clinic. If there are less than 6 signups, we will have free open play for all ages.

Food cost will be determined later by the menu. At past parties it was $5 for 2 hot dogs and a bag of chips or pizza at $2 per slice.

We suggest you bring a chair, towel, swimsuit, sunglasses and sunscreen.

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Queen of the courts

Queen of the Courts is open for girls ages 10-16. Each session is two hours with the first hour consisting of skill development through various drills and games. During the second hour, we divide the players into teams and scrimmage.

Cost is $20 per session.

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